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What Is Tendon Surgery?

Tendons are the band-like tissues that connect our muscles and bones. The tendons play a very important role in the body — when a muscle contracts, the tendon will pull the bone, causing movement. If you play a high-impact sport like football or wrestling, have certain health conditions, or have experienced an injury, you may experience a tendon tear. When you have a torn tendon, you likely notice limited movement, pain when moving that specific body part, numbness, and more. At Precision Surgery Center of Napa Valley, our orthopedic surgeons offer tendon repair for the hand, forearm, biceps, and triceps, including flexor and extensor repair. We encourage you to call our surgery center in Napa, CA to schedule a consultation so we can help restore your body to full mobility.

How Is Tendon Surgery Performed?

Prior to repairing a torn tendon, we will first complete a detailed physical review. Tendons can tear in different directions (straight across or at an angle, for example), so we need to determine the ideal treatment. Once that is established, we can perform your tendon repair. To do this, we will make a small incision over the torn tendon. Very carefully, we will suture the two ends of the tendon together. Additionally, we will check surrounding tissue to ensure no damage has occurred to the blood vessels or nerves. Whether we are performing an extensor or a flexor repair, the process generally takes between 45 – 60 minutes. We may need to set your hand or arm in a cast or splint to optimize healing. This will be discussed beforehand so you know exactly what to expect.

Tendon Surgery FAQ

What are some of the most common tendon injuries?
The most common tendon injuries are ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear, meniscus tear, and rotator cuff tears.

Do tendons grow back stronger?
Tendons can degrade over time; however, they also regenerate over time, which can allow them to gain more strength.

How long after tendon surgery can I drive?
This will depend on what tendon you've had repaired, however, it can take up to 10 weeks before you can drive. Our doctors will work with you to ensure you understand when it is okay for you to start driving again.

What can you not do after tendon surgery?
Prior to your tendon surgery, we will review what you can expect after your procedure. We will also provide a list of dos and don'ts so you know exactly what to expect. It's important to take your recovery slowly and not to perform strenuous work. Too much activity could disrupt your healing process or cause more damage.

Learn More About Tendon Repair

It is somewhat common for an individual, particularly an athlete, to experience a torn tendon at some point in life. While not necessarily an emergency, it is always advised to address a torn tendon right away to help facilitate the best possible recovery. Whether you have torn a tendon in your hand, arm, wrist, or bicep, Precision Surgery Center of Napa Valley offers state-of-the-art tendon repair surgery to help you regain strength and mobility. To learn more, contact our Napa, CA team to schedule a consultation.

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