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At Precision Surgery Center of Napa Valley, providing patient education is of utmost importance to us. From glaucoma surgery and cataract procedures to knee arthroscopy, hand surgery, and more, our blog features in-depth discussions on some of our most frequently asked questions and commonly performed surgeries. Explore our blog to learn more about our advanced approach to surgical care.

What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Wrist Pain?

Our Team | 09/25/2023

Symptoms of wrist pain can vary widely, ranging from mild discomfort to severe aches, swelling, and a clicking sound, affecting your quality of life.


How Long Can Tendons Take to Heal After Tendon Surgery?

Our Team | 08/27/2023

Tendon surgery recovery involves careful stages from initial inflammation to full healing, taking weeks to months, guided by our orthopedic surgeons.


What Can Shoulder Arthroscopy Diagnose?

Our Team | 07/28/2023

Shoulder arthroscopy can be used to diagnose a wide range of issues in the shoulder, such as rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability, and more.


Choosing the Right Premium Intraocular Lens for Your Visual Needs

Our Team | 06/08/2023

Premium IOLs improve your vision if you have cloudy vision from cataracts. Learn about premium lenses from a trained ophthalmologist at our clinic.


How to Know if Your Peripheral Nerves Are Damaged

Our Team | 05/06/2023

Peripheral nerve damage may cause problems like muscle weakness, numbness, and tingling. See how surgical procedures may help heal the affected area.


What Is Recovery Like After Cataract Surgery?

Our Team | 04/13/2023

Small incision cataract surgery can reduce age-related issues like cloudy vision. Read about cataract surgery recovery and how the process works here.


What Signs Indicate the Need for Knee Arthroscopy?

Our Team | 03/31/2023

Issues like knee pain and stiffness can be debilitating. Learn about knee arthroscopy and see how we address common problems with the knee joint.


What are the Common Signs of Cataracts to Look For?

Our Team | 02/23/2023

Watch out for these vision changes that may indicate cataracts.


Will I Still Need Contacts or Glasses After Refractive Surgery?

Our Team | 01/09/2023

Refractive surgery is a quick, safe, and effective way to improve one’s vision and reduce reliance on glasses and contacts.


What Happens During a Laser Peripheral Iridotomy?

Our Team | 12/16/2022

Laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) helps glaucoma patients by increasing fluid drainage within the eye and reducing harmful intraocular pressure.


How Do I Know if I am a Candidate for MIGS?

Our Team | 11/14/2022

An eye exam can detect and diagnose glaucoma, and determine your overall eye health, letting us know if you’re a good candidate for MIGS.


What Happens During Blepharoplasty?

Our Team | 10/11/2022

Blepharoplasty removes the excess skin and fat from the eyelids to correct the sagging, tired look that may result as we age.


How Long is the Recovery From Refractive Surgery?

Our Team | 09/11/2022

Refractive surgery improves your vision so you can see things clearly up close and far away. Learn what to expect after LASIK with our trusted team.


How Can I Tell If I Need a Corneal Transplant?

Our Team | 08/06/2022

Who needs a corneal transplant, how is the procedure performed, and what can you expect after surgery? Find the answers here.


How Can Glaucoma Patients Benefit From Trabeculectomy?

Our Team | 07/08/2022

Glaucoma patients may suffer from high intraocular pressure, even with medication. Learn about advanced treatments like trabeculectomy at our clinic.


What Can Cause Ptosis in Adults?

Our Team | 06/11/2022

Ptosis can cause the upper eyelids to droop down. Our ophthalmologists describe how eyelid surgery works and how it makes you look and feel younger.


Should I be Driving After Cataract Surgery?

Our Team | 05/07/2022

You will not be able to drive following cataract surgery, so it’s necessary to plan for someone to take you home.


What Vision Problems Will a Refractive Surgery Correct?

Our Team | 04/08/2022

Refractive surgery can correct common refractive errors, like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.


What are the Benefits Of Premium Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)?

Our Team | 03/18/2022

Premium intraocular lenses have multiple benefits for you and your vision. Keep reading to learn more.


What Treatments are Available for Narrow-Angle Glaucoma?

Our Team | 02/06/2022

Narrow-angle glaucoma can cause rapid, permanent vision loss, but a laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) can protect your sight and eye health.


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